DOJ & DOL Unite to Protect U.S. Workers.

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the Department of Labor (DOL) have expanded their collaboration to better protect U.S. workers from discrimination by employers that prefer to hire temporary visa workers over qualified U.S. workers. This move was driven by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which established protocols for the agencies to share information, refer matters between them, and train each other’s employees, with the goal of better protecting U.S. workers.

In 2017, the Civil Rights Division launched the Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative, which is aimed at targeting, investigating, and taking enforcement measures against companies that discriminate against U.S. workers in favor of foreign visa workers. The new partnership is intended to enhance the Civil Rights Division’s efforts to stop companies from discriminating against U.S. workers and assist the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration in identifying noncompliance with its foreign labor certification process.

Streamlining information-sharing between the two departments is expected to help protect Americans from unlawful discrimination and significantly enhance the Civil Rights Division’s ability to identify employers that favor temporary visa holders over U.S. workers. This partnership will serve as a way to ensure U.S. workers are prioritized to fill positions.

The Civil Rights Division has also increased its collaboration with other federal agencies, including the Departments of State and Homeland Security, to combat discrimination and abuse by employers improperly using temporary visa workers.

DOJ & DOL Unite to Protect U.S. Workers