Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get a Fringe Benefits Plan quote?
Link here to contact a Sales Representative or submit a request for a quote over our secure server.

Why should I outsource fringe benefits administration?

  • Outsourcing fringe benefits administration allows the company to focus on its core mission.
  • Easy audit trail for compliance tracking and budget management.
  • Cost savings:
    If you’re currently paying the Fringe in Cash - link to our cost savings calculator.
  • Cost savings:
    If you’re currently administering your plan in house - your savings will result from outsourcing the administration and picking up the cost as part of the Fringe.

Can we continue to use our existing benefit programs while using FCE Benefits services?
Yes. FCE Benefits works with all carriers including but not limited to our current carrier list.

How do I track fringe eligible hours?
Click here to learn more about Fringe Eligible Hours tracking.

Why is it more competitive for the contractor to provide benefits in lieu of cash?

  • It provides a needed and important benefit for the employees.
  • The employer may treat the costs of the benefits as reasonable deduction from income and can then bid a lower billable rate, not having to include the gross-up.

What happens if I get audited?
When an FCE Benefits client is audited by the DOL, the client points them in our direction and the DOL deals directly with FCE on all SCA related matters for which FCE is providing administration. There are certain areas of review, such as overtime obligation and exemption status decisions that are solely within the client’s domain. The primary point of contact is the Account Executive. The Account Executive will take the lead in our organization and gather all the necessary information from our various departments.